WORKSHOPS. I have tree types of workshops. If anyone of them sounds like a good choice please select the date  on . By the way, if you only speak English you can still go on my workshop. 

INDIVIDUAL workshop. Are you interested in spending a day crafting something for your home or making a special present? Do you prefer an individual approach and my 100% assistance during the whole day?  You can chose this type of workshop and make your own clock, wooden wall plastic or a decorative bowl for your interior.  Since this is an individual workshop and you will be alone, we can tailor the entire workshop and its theme to your needs.  

THEMATIC workshop. Each workshop has its specific thema. If you want to make your own clock, wooden decorative bowl or make a robust candle holder and be part of a group not more than 3 other people this type of workshop is ideal for you. I will assist you and help you to chose the best technique for your crafting. This workshop is for a small group, so bring your two best friends or take your family and enjoy wood crafting day.  

EXPERIENCE/GROUP workshop. Would you like to spend a day with your family, friends or co-workers? What about having a good time in my workshop, sourranded by my wooden statues, unfinished projects and loads of tools and equipment I use daily in my job? Would you like to make some decorations from wood while having a homemade cookies and a cup of coffee? Do you want to get yourself dirty from a wooden workshop? Would you like to have fun making deco for your wedding for example? If you have a group of 6 people maximum and this sounds good to you,  come round.