EVISTA DESIGN is my dream which has become a reality

While working with wood I feel absolutely happy. This feeling is reflected in each project and in every work I do. I do have abilities to craft wood, highlight its beauty, even it is hidden sometimes. I believe I am able to work with imperfect material and turn it into a perfect piece. Every project is unique just as every piece of wood I work with is. 

I choose the material I work with very carefully and with a great amount of gratitude. The trees have been growing here hundreds of years some of them and I do feel blessed I can craft them and turn them into something special and unique. I can tell how easy or how hard the growing conditions were for those trees and I am able to highlight those imperfections and make them into something very special. I UPCYCLE WOOD AND MAKE UNIQUE DESIGN.

While working I use chainsaws, sanding and carving tools. Working with such equipment requires 100% focusing. Despite the fact that my work is often very physically demanding, it is the best way of relaxation and meditation.

The names of my pieces are being thought through carefully and have a deeper meaning for me. The names are life values that are important for me. 

Crafting my own pieces, my own way is a life dream which becomes a reality for me.